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t all starts with the car's look, up­dated for 2017 with a stand­out new color scheme com­pleted by Sam's Auto Land paint and Da­ley Vis­ual wrap. Weight sav­ings are para­mount to any racer, so Yoshi­hara turned to the mass sav­ing ex­perts at Sei­bon Car­bon. Car­bon fiber roof, doors, and a vented hood shed the pounds and lower the cen­ter of grav­ity for the BRZ, im­prov­ing ma­neu­ver­abil­ity in drift tran­si­tions. TRA Ky­oto burst onto the scene when the BRZ first launched with unique Rocket Bunny wide­body aero kits, and they have con­tin­ued to in­no­vate with new styles. Yoshi­hara's ride sports the V3 de­sign, fea­tur­ing a front fas­cia, over­sized front and rear fender ex­ten­sions, and a duck­tail trunk lid spoiler. The front is fur­ther en­hanced with an APR split­ter, gen­er­at­ing down­force to keep the car bal­anced. The pack­age weighs in at a staunch 3,000 pounds, an im­por­tant stat when it comes to the choice of tires in For­mula D.

Yoshi­hara earned his 2011 For­mula Drift cham­pi­onship with Falken, and con­tin­ues the part­ner­ship today. His BRZ sports their lat­est RK615T+ per­for­mance tires, sized at 265-mm front and 295-mm rear. The car's weight (plus the driver) al­lows for up to the 295 max­i­mum, which is good be­cause ex­tra rub­ber means more smoke, blind­ing chase driv­ers and im­press­ing the judges through banked cir­cuit sweep­ers. Those tires come wrapped around a set of Yoshi­hara's own de­sign of 18-inch wheels: the three-piece “Cham­pion” model. He's been run­ning his own model wheels since the 2011 sea­son - the year he won it all.

Look­ing in­side, things have been flipped around in terms of the lay­out. Yoshi­hara may be a switch hit­ter, able to ex­pertly nav­i­gate be­hind the wheel from ei­ther side, but, like any Ja­panese na­tive, he prefers a right-hand drive setup. The dash­board was a breeze, grab­bing a JDM panel from a BRZ abroad, but the real magic of mov­ing the Momo steer­ing wheel and Jamar Per­for­mance pedal set over was left to Yoshi­hara's crew chief, Chris Eimer of Eimer En­gi­neer­ing. Eimer put to­gether a cus­tom steer­ing rack, com­plete with tie rods and front knuck­les to con­nect with the ex­treme turn­ing an­gles

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