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I first met Peter Bruce shortly after a test of cruis­ing an­chors had been pub­lished in mag­a­zine.

This was a de­struc­tive test done at the Univer­sity of Mas­sachusetts at Low­ell. The Bruce 33 lb. an­chor with­stood some­thing like 15,000 lb. of ten­sion be­fore bend­ing into a shape that was no longer an an­chor. I asked Mr. Bruce why he made such a strong an­chor when it was un­likely that no one would sub­ject a 33 lb. an­chor to such ex­treme loads. His an­swer, in his strong Scot­tish brogue, was clas­sic: “Chuck, I know that at some point I will be at the de­fen­dant’s ta­ble in a court of law be­cause some­one has blamed the loss of their boat on one of my an­chors. I know

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