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En­gine Room Shelves

The owner of this Kro­gen Ex­press needed a place where he could store en­gine- re­lated parts. Un­used space out­board of the en­gines pro­vided the vol­ume, but with dif­fi­cult ac­cess. The boat­yard solved the prob­lem by in­stalling stor­age lock­ers on tracks, al­low­ing the boat owner to slide the bins in­board, over the en­gines, for easy ac­cess. The lock­ing pin, shown hang­ing on the right, safely se­cures the stor­age locker in the out­board/ stowed po­si­tion. Loose gear in an en­gine room can lead to a dis­as­ter, es­pe­cially heavy com­po­nents, such as tools, tool­boxes, and bat­ter­ies. A few years ago a boat sank be­cause a bat­tery came loose and dam­aged the stuff­ing box, start­ing a chain re­ac­tion. The boat owner and boat­yard worked to­gether to cre­ate an­other ex­am­ple of the Right Stuff.


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