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Trio of Er­rors

Sadly, I made a few avoid­able mis­takes in the Helms­man Trawlers 31 Sedan re­view from the Jan­uary/ Fe­buary 2017 is­sue. First, I re­ferred to the boat as hav­ing a wet head, where, in fact, it has a stan­dard head to star­board and a fully sep­a­rated shower to port. Helms­man Trawlers’ Scott and Lisa Helker are un­der­stand­ably proud of fit­ting such re­fine­ment in a boat of this size, and we would be re­miss to not cor­rect our mis­take and apol­o­gize.

Sec­ond, Bob War­man, the orig­i­nal Ca­mano’s de­signer, is not spelled Wur­man, as it was in the story. And last but not least, Helms­man Trawlers pur­chased the Ca­mano molds, not Wa­ter­line Boats. The lat­ter is the dis­trib­u­tor for Helms­man Trawlers in the Pa­cific North­west, and also rep­re­sent Kro­gen Ex­press and Bracewell Yachts. –JC

En­deavor Cat Fuel Con­sump­tion

We re­al­ized we had a typo in our En­deavor Cat per­for­mance chart. At 3000 rpm you burn 11.2 gal­lons per hour, not 1.2 gal­lons per hour.

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