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It’s hard to imag­ine a sec­tor of recre­ational boat­ing that is chang­ing as fast as marine elec­tron­ics, and few things are quite as im­pres­sive as the lat­est in solid state tech. Furuno’s an­swer to the wave of new solid state prod­ucts in­cludes the NXT Dop­pler Radar, avail­able in a 24-inch dome and com­pat­i­ble with Furuno’s NavNet TZ­touch MFDs.

The NXT se­ries of­fers pulse com­pres­sion Dop­pler radar, and fea­tures, among other things, beam sharp­en­ing equiv­a­lent to a 2-de­gree beam, mak­ing tar­gets sharper than ever. Along with Furuno’s trade­marked Tar­get An­a­lyzer, tar­gets on screen will change color au­to­mat­i­cally when they are de­ter­mined to be haz­ardous. For ex­am­ple, Furuno has coded haz­ards that are sta­tion­ary or mov­ing away from ship in green; echoes re­turned and dis­played in red are tar­gets mov­ing to­ward you (see im­age). These color codes will change dy­nam­i­cally so you will have an in­stant read on the mag­ni­tude of risk in your radar’s field of view.

Ad­di­tional safety mea­sures in­clude Fast Tar­get Track­ing which, when ac­ti­vated, pro­vides a vec­tor line for any tar­get headed to­ward you as well as sound­ing an alarm. And one of the best things about solid state: com­pared to mag­netrons, the peak out­put power is 25W com­pared to 6kW. –Cooper Furuno DRS4D-NXT 24” Radar www.furuno.com

With Tar­get An­a­lyzer ac­ti­vated, ob­jects in red are non-sta­tion­ary and ap­proach­ing.

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