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With our fo­cus on seamanship in this is­sue, Jonathan Cooper dis­cusses a new guide to dock­ing, writ­ten by USCG-li­censed cap­tains, Ron­ald and Kather­ine Gi­ampi­etro Red­mond.

Start­ing with the grand dame of nau­ti­cal ref­er­ence books, Champ­man Pi­lot­ing & Seamanship, boat han­dling guides are al­ways a smart ad­di­tion to your on­board li­brary. Whether you’re an ex­pe­ri­enced cap­tain or a first-time owner just get­ting your sea legs, there are few mo­ments in boat­ing that re­quire as much skill, pa­tience, pre­ci­sion, and un­der­stand­ing than dock­ing. U.S. Coast Guard-li­censed cap­tains, Ron­ald and Kather­ine Gi­ampi­etro Red­mond, step in with an­other guide that could sit on your shelf, which should help just about any­one with that age-old boat­ing skill re­quired of ev­ery mariner. Sure, at times dock­ing can be straight­for­ward and often a de­cep­tively easy task. But, in ad­verse con­di­tions, this oth­er­wise sim­ple ma­neu­ver can quickly turn into an ex­pen­sive and em­bar­rass­ing night­mare. The list of wor­ries is long: poor com­mu­ni­ca­tion, in­ex­pe­ri­enced crew, high winds, strong currents, and tight slips, to name a few.

To help ease as many of these wor­ries as pos­si­ble, the au­thors have pub­lished a sec­ond edi­tion of their boat han­dling guide, 7 Steps to Suc­cess­ful Boat Dock­ing. Many of the points are aimed squarely at the novice boater to aid in ba­sic prin­ci­ples of close-quar­ter ma­neu­vers into and out of slips, and the di­rec­tions are sup­ported by clear lan­guage, in­struc­tion, and as­sis­tance for all recre­ational (and prob­a­bly a few com­mer­cial) mariners. Wind, cur­rent, and other im­ped­i­ments to smooth dock­ing are given quar­ter with al­beit fairly rudi­men­tary sketches of the au­thors’ rec­om­mended course of ac­tion in each cir­cum­stance. The book is also writ­ten to as­sist a wide va­ri­ety of boats, in­clud­ing those with sin­gle-screw in­board propul­sion, out­board, I/O, stern drives, and twin-en­gine ves­sels.

$14.99 7 Steps to Suc­cess­ful Boat Dock­ing

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