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Imag­ine re­plac­ing your gen­er­a­tor with a quiet fuel cell that uses a su­per-sta­ble fuel source and emits only wa­ter va­por and waste heat as by-prod­ucts. The EFOY Fuel Cell can do just that. Fuel cells are safe and have been used for years on space shut­tles, the space sta­tion, and on satel­lites. Of­fered in a range of three sizes, these cells can pro­duce be­tween 80 and 210 Ah per day. EFOY cells can pro­duce enough power to charge your bat­ter­ies, as well as feed an in­verter that can run 230V ap­pli­ances. And while they may not yet meet the needs of the most power-hun­gry yachts, they will be a suit­able re­place­ment for noisy gen­er­a­tors on some boats. We give EFOY fuel cells 3 out of 4 green leaves for pro­duc­ing a su­per-ef­fi­cient, quiet, non-petroleum-based power plant with a point de­duc­tion due to the price tag.

Start­ing at $3,000 (80 Ah unit) More at: www.efoy-com­fort.com

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