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Ever feel like some things never change or get rein­vented? Well, not so with the snorkel. Jonathan Cooper in­tro­duces the snor­kel­ing mask that might for­ever change the way you see un­der wa­ter.


If you’ve ever snorkeled, you know the frus­tra­tion of keep­ing the breath­ing tube from flop­ping around and stay­ing above the wa­ter sur­face. There are few joys like tak­ing a deep breath and in­hal­ing a half-cup of sea­wa­ter. Well, the new wave of snor­kel­ing masks solves that prob­lem, plus many oth­ers. No more masks coated in a thick layer of fog. No more lim­ited vis­i­bil­ity. No more painful “snorkel bite” on the cor­ners of your mouth. The all-in-one masks of to­day fea­ture full, uni­body con­struc­tion as you strap on an ap­pa­ra­tus that cov­ers your face snugly from fore­head to chin. The mask’s added buoy­ancy will make shal­low dives more dif­fi­cult, but you can dive with­out the risk of in­hal­ing wa­ter by ac­ci­dent. Views from in­side are roughly 180 de­grees, or whatever your peripheral vi­sion may be, and due to a clever way to dis­pense with your hot air, the breath­ing tube will keep the in­sides clear and fog-free. Pic­tured on page 71 is the Tri­bord Easy­breath, which garn­ers pos­i­tive re­views for its sim­ple, in­ex­pen­sive snorkel. But if you’re into doc­u­ment­ing your un­der­sea ad­ven­tures, there are oth­ers, like the Seav­iew 180° pic­tured here, that al­low for a GoPro at­tach­ment. Just snap on the fixed snorkel, ad­just the straps to get a wa­ter­tight fit, roll cam­era, and start swimming with the fishes.

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