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The own­ers of Re­vi­sion Marine are push­ing against the bound­aries of con­ven­tional wis­dom that tra­di­tional bat­ter­ies are still the only op­tion for house bank power. The com­pany builds lithium ion phos­phate bat­ter­ies you will likely never have to re­place, and they pro­vide the num­ber of amp hours stated on the la­bel, in­stead of cal­cu­lat­ing the 50% fig­ure your cur­rent AGM or wet cell bat­tery com­pany rec­om­mends. The bat­ter­ies charge fast, too—at twice the speed of con­ven­tional bat­ter­ies, with your ex­ist­ing charg­ing equip­ment. Just a few hours of power from a proper so­lar panel ar­ray or a short run of a gen­er­a­tor can top these bat­ter­ies up from zero to full. The up front price is a lit­tle higher, but if you stop and do the math, you shouldn’t have to re­place these dur­ing the time you own your boat, they carry the power of bat­ter­ies four times their size, and they won’t blow up. We asked about this, and Re­vi­sion Marine’s own­ers pa­tiently ex­plained why these bat­ter­ies are safer and more pre­dictable than the one in your Sam­sung Gal­axy S7. We are giv­ing Re­vi­sion Marine our high­est score for de­sign­ing bat­ter­ies that you’d be dim not to con­sider. More at:­vi­sion­ma­

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