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We in­vite you to ex­plore the new and vastly im­proved Pas­sageMaker web­site. Our team has taken to heart many of the kind yet con­struc­tive crit­i­cism we’ve col­lected from read­ers over the years—in­clud­ing a fair bit of our own—and as­sem­bled a web­site that ad­dresses those con­cerns and more. “Your type is too small!” “I shouldn’t have to scroll a quar­ter-mile to view ten im­ages in a photo gallery!” “Your site is frus­trat­ing on phones and tablets!” These are but a few of the is­sues we have ad­dressed in or­der to pro­vide an im­proved and out­stand­ing pas­sagemaker.com ex­pe­ri­ence for our loyal read­ers. For those of you that hap­pen upon us for the first time via in­ter­net searches or from friends who share links to our sto­ries and videos, you’ll never know the pain of the trail­blaz­ers be­fore you.

From the magazine’s up­start be­gin­nings, Pas­sageMaker has been a rare breed, never shy­ing away from print­ing long­form sto­ries (Par­la­tore’s epic 10-pager on cof­fee, any­one?), from tech­ni­cal know-how to tak­ing on the high seas. Af­ter all, who else would print an 8,000-word es­say from Nigel Calder on the dif­fi­cul­ties of mod­ern-day chart­ing? Or, a 12,000-word, three-part jour­ney around the world, with a photo drop il­lu­mi­nat­ing ev­ery nook and cranny from New Zealand to Maine, plus a side­bar on international fe­line travel?

But in or­der to make read­ing these sto­ries en­joy­able—and not corneal masochism—big changes were re­quired. The pri­mary one? Larger type. Much larger type.

Ev­ery story fea­tures a unique lay­out and type that is leg­i­ble, so much so that you might be able to leave your Rite-Aid cheaters on the night stand. For the tablet ma­ni­acs among you, or for those who are crazy enough to read long­form on your cell phone, the site is now mo­bile-friendly. I should qual­ify that—it is friendly to mo­bile de­vices, but you take on Mount Calder on a 3.5-inch screen at your own risk.

The site per­for­mance is also faster, the lay­out is less clut­tered, and the words are big­ger. Did I men­tion that the type is big­ger? Our photo gal­leries, which once threat­ened to make mouse-scrolling an Olympic event, are cleaner, big­ger, faster-load­ing, and self-con­tained. Just click on a bonus gallery embed­ded in the story—usu­ally the pho­to­graphs we couldn’t fit within the con­fines of print—and click through the pho­tos.

All these changes with­out a down­side, you ask? Full dis­clo­sure: our team is work­ing fever­ishly to re­store many of the old ar­ti­cles to the site, but we are mak­ing progress and con­tent is al­ready not lack­ing.

One bit of co­op­er­a­tion we will need from you, though, is some­thing that we’ve al­ways needed from you for ev­ery­thing we do: Feed­back. Start­ing to­day, we’ll be­gin col­lect­ing a new list of griev­ances. Hope­fully, this one won’t be as long.

n Fair winds and good surf­ing,

Above: Screen shot of the new site. In­set: Im­age gallery player.

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