Ar­tic­u­lated Rud­der

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This trawler has been fit­ted with an ar­tic­u­lated rud­der (this par­tic­u­lar one is built by Bayview En­gi­neer­ing). The sim­ple de­sign and ro­bust fabri­ca­tion re­sult in a re­li­able im­prove­ment with sub­stan­tial ben­e­fits when han­dling the boat in close quar­ters. Al­though this boat has a bond­ing sys­tem, the rud­der has its own sacri­fi­cial an­odes. Even if the main rud­der is con­nected to the bond­ing sys­tem in­side the boat, the wing would not have a re­li­able con­nec­tion and needs its own an­ode.

The main rud­der has been de­signed to be re­mov­able with­out re­quir­ing dis­as­sem­bly of the steer­ing gear. The bolts at the top of the rud­der al­low it to be sep­a­rated from the rud­der post above it, and the shoe be­low it can also be re­moved. When you can com­bine sim­plic­ity and dura­bil­ity with im­proved per­for­mance, you have a good ex­am­ple of the right stuff.

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