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In the “Right Stuff ” by Steve Zim­mer­man I see in the March is­sue that he is try­ing to save us from our­selves. Many years ago, af­ter de­stroy­ing an im­peller, I fixed the haz­ard with an eas­ier pro­ce­dure than de­vis­ing a sign or some­thing else at the helm. I sim­ply turn off the start bat­tery when­ever I do any­thing that makes it a bad idea to crank an en­gine. If I for­get about it and try to start the en­gine, it is only a short de­lay while I duck into the en­gine room and turn the bat­tery back on. No dam­age done. —Bruce Evertz

I’m glad to hear that you have found your own ap­proach. Per­haps 40 years in the boat­yard has skewed my per­spec­tive: I never like to as­sume that the same per­son who took it apart will put it back to­gether. Of course, on your own boat, with no chance of any­one else’s in­volve­ment, your method works just fine. —SZ

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