Pro­teus gets a moody makeover


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Wel­come to a brief look at an al­ter­nate uni­verse where mods don’t pro­vide new and more ex­treme ways to com­mit vi­o­lence against other folk, but are in­stead about hav­ing a nice walk in a pretty en­vi­ron­ment. A new and more ex­treme walk in a pretty en­vi­ron­ment? Not re­ally, no.

Pur­ga­teus is a mod for melodic first-person am­bu­la­tor Pro­teus. It doesn’t add AK47s, or a minigame where you squash as many frogs as pos­si­ble, but rather changes the aes­thetic and mu­sic to pro­vide a new tone to the orig­i­nal.

The mod bills it­self as a remix. At the sur­face level, all it does is swap the color pal­ette and al­ter the sound­track. While that doesn’t sound like a dra­matic shift, Pro­teus is all about the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the am­bi­ent notes and soft, pas­tel col­ors, and the way they al­ter as you progress through the sea­sons. Chang­ing that bal­ance com­pletely al­ters the feel of the game, and, as a re­sult, paints a darker, less wel­com­ing world.

The spring and summer sea­sons are char­ac­ter­ized by much bolder browns, reds and whites. The sound­track is mood­ier and more elec­tronic—in­stantly more dis­tanc­ing and weird. While the an­i­mals you’ll en­counter are the same in all but color, the sound mix has been changed, and their once cheer­ful chirrups feel more alien set against the ethe­real back­drop of noise. The im­pact is less­ened in the later sea­sons, where Pro­teus it­self re­gresses into iso­la­tion. But where suc­ces­sive re­plays of the vanilla game of­fer a mostly iden­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence, Per­ga­teus is a chance to see the is­land in a com­pletely new way. For that rea­son alone, it’s an es­sen­tial com­pan­ion piece for own­ers of the orig­i­nal game.

To down­load Per­ga­teus, you’ll need to en­ter your de­tails in the web­site’s form, at which point you’ll be emailed the file. To in­stall, find Pro­teus’s di­rec­tory and re­name the game’s ‘Re­sources’ folder, be­fore ex­tract­ing the file’s con­tents. PS­ga­teus

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phil says...“It’sPro­teus for Fever Ray fans.”

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