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I have read the two pieces that Andy Kelly has writ­ten about The For­est and would like to add some com­ments about my ex­pe­ri­ence of the game af­ter play­ing it for over 130 hours.

I rel­ish the way the for­est has been ren­dered. It feels alive, it feels real, it makes the game to­tally im­mer­sive. I love the way a spi­der may be un­der a rock when you lift it and the spi­der will crawl away. Lizards crawl up trees to bask in the sun only when the sun is shin­ing on the tree. You cut trees down and new plants start to grow.

I play in stealth mode. En­coun­ters with the na­tives, if not fa­tal, are fu­tile. I built a base around the fuse­lage of the wrecked plane at first and could kill the na­tives eas­ily through the side doors; hell they just vol­un­teered. I must have killed over 100 this way.

Ev­ery­thing is OK un­til you have been cap­tured and killed and then the in­ven­tory stops work­ing as well. Af­ter load­ing a save game, fish, minia­ture drinks, rocks and some­times other stuff stop ap­pear­ing in your in­ven­tory, lim­it­ing craft­ing op­tions. Still, the game is playable and en­joy­able as ev­ery­thing you have fin­ished build­ing is still there.

I rec­om­mend this game to any­one who wants a dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence of an open-world sur­vival game.

Jane Mut­ter

Jane, we can­not doubt your de­vo­tion to The For­est— 130 hours is enough time to build a for­est set­tle­ment and fend off armed res­i­dents in real life. It’s made a strong start and we’ll cer­tainly re­visit it as the devs flesh out the fea­ture-set a bit.


If you like trees, you’ll love The For­est.

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