Counter-Strike: Global Of­fen­sive— it’s get­ting big­ger and bet­ter. Watch out Dota 2 we’re bring­ing sexy back :) @G4MR Yes, we need more need­less ri­val­ries be­tween two com­pletely dif­fer­ent types of game.

I’m play­ing Marvel He­roes 2015, and I hon­estly think it’s the best ARPG out to­day. @Bwana Fan ser­vice melee. You can’t go wrong with a bit of Rocket Rac­coon. Un­less you try to fashion one in real life in some kind of sci-fi lab.

Been play­ing Un­turned. It feels like it’s what DayZ should have been by now (a.k.a. cars and physics). @Out­san­ity Hey, DayZ has physics. It just doesn’t fol­low any nat­u­ral laws what­so­ever.

Spin­tires! It’s awe­some! @Gizmokid2005 Where are you up to? We got as far as the bit with the mud and now we’re stuck.

Just got Abe’s Ex­od­dus on Steam. Still holds up :) @Dani­iFaceLips A plat­form­ing clas­sic, and only $3 on Steam :) .

Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark is a good game with good playa­bil­ity and a great es­ca­la­tion mode, bet­ter than Transformers: Fall of Cy­bertron. @Vic­tor_Marthus Yes, but does it have sassy robutts?

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