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As some­one who has been play­ing PC games since be­fore there were PC’s. I have three com­ments. First, thanks for bring­ing back Send. Which re­minds me: Thanks for your cov­er­age of mods and in­die games. Sec­ond, thanks for in­creas­ing the pres­ence and promi­nence of women writ­ers in your pages. Third, how about in­clud­ing a glos­sary of the ab­bre­vi­a­tions sprin­kled through­out an is­sue? Sure, most read­ers are go­ing to know what a FPS is, but how many are old enough to know what FMV means with­out look­ing it up? David Wein­berger It’s a good idea, David, but un­for­tu­nately a ded­i­cated glos­sary page would take space away from some­thing else in the magazine. In­stead, we should be ex­plain­ing the lesser known acronyms in the ar­ti­cle it­self—this is some­thing we’ll en­deavor to do in the fu­ture.

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