Take a Rain­bow


In 1996, best­selling Cold War fan­ta­sist Tom Clancy founded a stu­dio, Red Storm En­ter­tain­ment, in or­der to adapt his uni­verse of global in­trigue and high-tech es­pi­onage into videogames. The de­vel­oper’s de­but, Poli­tika, an RTS based on the novel of the same name, was a mod­est hit. 1998’s Rain­bow

Six, how­ever, was a phe­nom­e­non built around a sim­ple for­mula: One shot, one kill. Where peers dealt in sur­real land­scapes and su­per­hu­man ca­pa­bil­i­ties,

Rain­bowSix fo­cused on real-world sit­u­a­tions, team tac­tics and keep­ing your head down and out of harm’s way. Its im­pact can be traced both in how to­day’s shoot­ers in­cor­po­rate stealth and in the fetishis­ing of ‘special op­er­a­tors’ in games, such as CallofDuty4: ModernWar­fare.

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