What is force feed­back?

This is where the wheel re­acts to what’s hap­pen­ing in the game, twist­ing and turn­ing in your hands, giv­ing you a phys­i­cal sense of what’s hap­pen­ing to the wheels un­der the car.

Why should I spend more?

Aside from bet­ter build qual­ity and ex­tra fea­tures, the key ben­e­fit with racing wheels is more pow­er­ful force feed­back and more ac­cu­rate re­sponse. Ba­sic wheels give you a few clues as to how the car is re­act­ing. The best make you feel like you’re in con­trol of the real thing. Plus, top-end mod­els are more mod­u­lar.

Are they easy to set up?

Most wheels will work well enough straight away, how­ever, you may have to map all the con­trols of a game to the var­i­ous but­tons.

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