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Lu­casArts re­leased a slew of ter­rific Star Wars games dur­ing the early ’00s. Pos­si­bly the best known to­day are the orig­i­nal Star

Wars:Bat­tle­front games from Mer­ce­nar­ies de­vel­oper Pan­demic— where the DarkForces cap­tured the feel of a bat­tle down a Death Star cor­ri­dor,

Bat­tle­front sought to rep­re­sent the larger pitched en­coun­ters from The Em­pire Strikes Back and Re­turn of the Jedi. Like DICE’s Bat­tle­field games, they saw large mixed-class player ar­mies vy­ing for pos­ses­sion of cap­ture points on gi­gan­tic maps. Raven Soft­ware’s Jedi

Knight se­ries, mean­while, thrust you into the boots of an as­pir­ing Jedi, sup­ple­ment­ing gun­play with lightsaber com­bos. Its com­mu­nity re­mains one of the in­ter­net’s most for­mi­da­ble cliques.

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