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TomSe­nior Spe­cial­ist in Strat­egy, grudges Cur­rently play­ing XCOM2:Warofthe Cho­sen This month Faced off against a pow­er­ful, re­cur­ring foe: Team meet­ings. Ka t ha rine Byrne Spe­cial­ist in In­die, farm­ing Cur­rently play­ing SlimeRancher This month Learned that even cutesy farm­ing in­volves a lot of poop. Phil Sav­age Spe­cial­ist in Shoot­ers, nos­tal­gia Cur­rently play­ing RezIn­fi­nite This month Had a flash­back to the early-’00s. Watched Donnie Darko and lis­tened to Feeder. Chris Liv­ingston Spe­cial­ist in RPGs, ghosts Cur­rently play­ing WestofLoathing This month Ate ghost pick­les while rid­ing a ghost horse. (And in the game.) Andy Kelly Spe­cial­ist in In­die, cults Cur­rently play­ing TheShroud­edIsle This month Chose hu­man sac­ri­fices based on the great­est crime of all: Pat­ter theft. Evan L ah ti Spe­cial­ist in Shoot­ers, tra­ver­sal Cur­rently play­ing Law­Break­ers This month Wished he had rocket boots in­stead of San Fran­cisco’s pub­lic trans­port net­work. Chris Thurs ten Spe­cial­ist in Retro, role mod­els Cur­rently play­ing Be­yond Good and Evil This month Dis­cov­ered just how dif­fer­ent the lives of free­lance jour­nal­ists can be.

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