When t h e g o i n g g e t s t o u g h

Five agents to con­sider



A cigar chompin’ one-woman A-Team. Her burst gun means more click­ing, but she can call in an air strike when her May­hem me­ter is full.

Re d Ca rd

He’s Ger­man and soc­cer mad, or maybe just mad. His weapon can switch from as­sault ri­fle to a shot­gun with the press of a but­ton.

On i

Ex-Yakuza and the coolest-look­ing of the lot. Has a si­lenced pis­tol and a very use­ful glove/ claw ar­range­ment for melee kills.


A Lara Croft-alike with good hack­ing skills. Has a drone called Glory, pre­sum­ably be­cause it makes holes in Le­gion troops.


A beast in close quar­ters com­bat. Grace­fully an­i­mated un­til she sprints— then she looks like a child pre­tend­ing to be a jet plane.

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