“I turn all the street­lights blue”

Cheat­ing the sys­tem in else Heart. Brea k()


In the world of else Heart.Break(), atoms have been re­placed by bits. This means you can hack the very fab­ric of re­al­ity and bend it to your will, pro­vid­ing you have the right tools. Mod­i­fiers are de­vices used by hack­ers to pull up the code for an ob­ject, whether it’s a cup of cof­fee or a door, then edit it. If you’re tired, you can hack the cof­fee to boost its caf­feine con­tent by 200%. Or if a key won’t open a door, you can in­ject a piece of code that will make it brute force the lock.

But it takes a while to be­come pow­er­ful. This is a slow game, and you don’t find high-level mod­i­fiers— which have no re­stric­tions on hack­ing—un­til near the end. I’ve de­cided to re­play the game, but I want to get straight to the hack­ing.

So I de­cide to play dirty and up­grade a mod­i­fier to the high­est level. The first step is find­ing a room with a mod­i­fier in it, and tele­port­ing there by hack­ing a fuse box with a piece of code.

I tele­port and use my low-level mod­i­fier to hack an­other one I find ly­ing on a desk. I bring up the code and edit it so that there’s no level re­stric­tion, and sud­denly I have the abil­ity to hack any­thing I want.

I can by­pass a locked door by find­ing its ID num­ber in the code, then mak­ing a nearby un­locked door lead there. I hack the city’s cen­tral fi­nan­cial com­puter to give my­self $10,000. I turn all the street­lights blue. I’ve gone mad.


This is cheat­ing, sure. But else Heart. Break() is about push­ing bound­aries and break­ing sys­tems. That’s what hack­ers do. I wouldn’t have done this on my first playthrough, be­cause it se­verely breaks the flow of the game, but for a sec­ond playthrough it’s a lot of fun. Al­most ev­ery­thing I can see can be hacked and ma­nip­u­lated, and I can go pretty much any­where in Doris­burg un­chal­lenged.

It’s amaz­ing how pow­er­ful the in-game lan­guage, Språk, is. Some peo­ple have cre­ated soft­ware in it, and even sim­ple ar­cade games. But the beauty of else Heart.Break() is that you can dab­ble in hack­ing with­out know­ing code. There re­ally is no other game like it, and I’d hack my arm off for a se­quel.

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If you see it, you can hack it.

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