Hero Blast

We could be he­roes, for the whole damn game


Isus­pect that part of the rea­son StarWars Bat­tle­front wasn’t a smash hit is that it was caught be­tween two worlds: Be­tween the skir­mishes of mod­ern Bat­tle­field games and the knock­about fun of the first two Bat­tle­front games. HeroBlast swings the pen­du­lum to­wards the lat­ter, im­ple­ment­ing a mode that al­lows you to play as one of the se­ries’ iconic char­ac­ters 100% of the time. Rather than throw­ing heaps of play­ers against one an­other, as in many of the other modes, the in­vite-only Hero Blast is a strict six-on-six team death­match, pit­ting a group of Rebels against the Im­pe­ri­als. You don’t have to play as some weedy sol­dier part of the time, ei­ther: You just pick an iconic hero or vil­lain, and then run around wal­lop­ing one an­other un­til the match is over.

Who doesn’t want to be a hero all of the time?

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