Ludum Dare

Power is dwin­dling, but the games aren’t


The 39th Ludum Dare con­cluded re­cently, with over 2,300 games sub­mit­ted that have some tie to the theme ‘run­ning out of power’. You’ll find three of the best to the right, but I’m go­ing to use this space to high­light an­other: The clever and gor­geous Min­istryof Syn­the­sis. In this puzzle-plat­former, you have just an hour to think your way through an an­cient re­ac­tor, which has only a smidge of backup power re­main­ing af­ter it suf­fered a se­ri­ous melt­down. To open the thick bulk­head door in each room, you have to drag ca­bles from one sound de­vice to an­other, us­ing your por­ta­ble os­cil­lo­scope to en­sure that the wave­forms match and au­ral har­mony is achieved. It’s a fairly tough sys­tem to get to grips with, but you’ll have an ad­van­tage if you’ve ever messed about in a mu­sic cre­ation pro­gram.

There’s not a lot of time to es­cape this doomed re­ac­tor.

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