Cooler mas­ter Mas­ter Liq­uid Lite 120


The Cool­erMaster MasterLiq­uid Lite 120 is by far the cheap­est cooler on this group test, and in some ways it shows, but fun­da­men­tally this cooler still de­liv­ers in the ar­eas where it counts. You do get a few nice ex­tras, too. While plas­tic, the pump/block is topped by an il­lu­mi­nated Cool­erMaster logo. The ra­di­a­tor is also well made, though it is a touch big­ger than oth­ers.

The fan also comes with in­te­grated rub­ber pads on its cor­ners to help re­duce trans­fer of vi­bra­tions and re­duce noise. Plus, the screws for mount­ing the fan are thumb­screws, which means there’s one less rea­son to grab a screw­driver when in­stalling it.

The mount­ing sys­tem of this cooler is also good, par­tic­u­larly for AM4 moth­er­boards. It uses the stan­dard AM4 moth­er­board bracket, so there’s no need to fit a base plate.

In terms of per­for­mance, it came dead last for over­all cool­ing, both in silent and stan­dard mode. It was also the joint loud­est in silent mode—due to the pump mak­ing no­tice­able bur­bling noises—though it was the qui­etest in stan­dard mode.

The end re­sult is that this is a per­fectly de­cent bud­get cooler. It’s not per­fect, but for the price it more than de­liv­ers.

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