The Low Road


dven­ture games don’t get much more stylish than TheLowRoad, a ’70s-based point-and­click set in the world of cor­po­rate es­pi­onage. You play as Noomi Ko­vacs, a re­cent grad­u­ate from the bril­liantly named LeCarre In­sti­tute for Ex­cep­tional Spies, who starts a new job at an in­tel­li­gence agency, only to dis­cover that spy­ing mostly oc­curs in drab, brown of­fices, and from the com­fort of a desk. (Surely the whole ‘LeCarre’ thing would have tipped you off?) In this demo for XGen Stu­dios’ comedic ad­ven­ture, you’ll have to con­nive your­self out of such a dull sit­u­a­tion in or­der to achieve your dream of be­com­ing a more dare­devil se­cret agent. This in­volves quite a bit of chat­ting and puz­zling, in case you hadn’t guessed.


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