Color tem­per­a­ture: A mea­sure of color as re­lated to the tem­per­a­ture of a very hot ob­ject. The cooler the ob­ject, the red­der the light. The hot­ter it is, the bluer the light. Our sun’s day­light is 6500K, so this is the stan­dard for mon­i­tors.

Hz: The re­fresh rate, as mea­sured in hertz (Hz), is how many times a mon­i­tor changes im­age in a se­cond. 100Hz+ feels best for gam­ing, but 60Hz is the max for cur­rent 4K mon­i­tors.

Dis­playPort and HDMI: The two cur­rent PC and mul­ti­me­dia video con­nec­tion stan­dards. Both sup­port au­dio and video and come in a va­ri­ety of ver­sions.

Win­dows scal­ing: To make most pro­grams on your desk­top read­able on high-res dis­plays, Win­dows has a set­ting that lets you ‘zoom in’. This makes things ap­pear larger, and al­lows apps to by­pass it, let­ting you view pic­tures, videos and games at full res­o­lu­tion.

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