CCP’s se­nior 3D artist, Willem van Biljon on EVE On­line’s fan­tas­tic bat­tles.

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An eye for de­tail

1 EVE uses an LOD (level of de­tail) system which re­duces the amount of de­tail ren­dered on an ob­ject that’s fur­ther away. When you get close enough—LOD 0— you can see ev­ery­thing from weapons to the name of the ship.


3 This web is made by ships do­ing some­thing called spi­der-tank­ing. The beams go­ing from green to or­ange show ar­mor/hull repair. Pink to yel­low is en­ergy trans­fer, which is what en­ables the repair ships to keep re­pair­ing.

Engine trails

5 Nowa­days the en­tire engine trail is math­e­mat­i­cally con­structed but van Biljon notes, “We used to have a tex­ture that got loaded in which would then be­come the trail and then be stretched depend­ing on how fast or slow the ship was go­ing.”

Bub­bling up

2 These are Warp Dis­rup­tion Fields. When enough of them over­lap, you start to lose de­tail. CCP uses a system to switch off vis­ual over­lap­ping if lots of bub­bles are close to­gether so play­ers can still see what’s go­ing on.

A ce­les­tial can­vas

4 Back­ground af­fects leg­i­bil­ity of bat­tles. Adding more black space made EVE much darker for a while, so the team im­ple­mented new light­ing so­lu­tions. In bat­tle the back­ground is less im­por­tant than play­ers be­ing able to read com­bat ef­fects.

Out­lin­ing a batt le

6 Sil­hou­ettes are a vi­tal part of ship de­sign, as you need to be able to rec­og­nize any game as­set from a dis­tance. This is the shape of a Scor­pion; a ship de­signed for elec­tronic war­fare, scram­bling sen­sors and drain­ing ca­pac­i­tors.

RIGHT: These three im­ages were all taken by a player called Lord Mal­doror and show a con­flict called World War Bee: The Bat­tle of M-OEE8.

ABOVE: The Bat­tle of M-OEE8 saw the Money­bad­ger Coali­tion fight back against a dom­i­nant mil­i­tary force known as The Im­perium.

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