Of Men and Mer


A snap­shot of the rich, var­ied fac­tions in The El­der Scrolls: To­tal War

Cy­rodiil Em­pire

Pick­ing the Em­pire is like choosing Bri­tain in Em­pire or Rome in, well, Rome You start off well, but man­ag­ing that large ex­panse from the off could prove tricky.

The King­dom of Skyrim

The game takes place over two cen­turies years be­fore the events of the fourth El­der Scrolls game, so don’t ex­pect dragons or Thal­mor.

Ald­meri Do­min­ion

They’re not quite the of­fi­cial ‘bad guys’ of the El­der Scrolls uni­verse yet, but you can play them that way if that’s how you choose to live your life.

Great House Dagoth

This is a cool touch: You can play as House Dagoth, the lost, cor­rupted Dark Elf house, and strike out from deep inside the Red Moun­tain.

Great House Re­do­ran

To ex­pe­ri­ence that ‘ev­ery­thing you do be­ing ma­nip­u­lated by House Hlaalu’ feel, play as House Re­do­ran. At least they’re great at fight­ing.

Clans of the Black Marsh

Black Marsh le­git­i­mately feels like a dif­fer­ent con­ti­nent in this mod—it’s a lot like vis­it­ing the un­charted New World in Me­dieval II.

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