The gun show

Metro’s cross­bow is the ul­ti­mate sur­vival tool


1 A stan­dard red dot sight is ideal for midrange en­gage­ment, but you can clip on scopes that are as long as the en­tire weapon for long-dis­tance aim­ing. 2 If you want to hit mov­ing tar­gets at range eas­ier you can up­grade the cross­bow limb to throw bolts at much greater speeds. 3 The watch here tells you the time in-game, while the lit­tle blue light ig­nites to tell you when you’re vis­i­ble, which is use­ful for stealth. 4 When you first find the cross­bow you can only fire one bolt be­tween reloads. Grab a load­ing can­is­ter, how­ever, and you can shoot three.

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