Top gear

The Ban­ner Saga 3’ s best items, and who should equip them


Dredge Clap­per

Where to get it: That bell Sparr warns you not to pull later on? Ig­nore him.

Give it to: A high-level Varl who can with­stand the ag­gro in­crease for the huge strength boost.

Tryg­gvi’s Neck­lace

Where to get it: When your ec­cen­tric spear­man stops to chat, hear him out.

Give it to: Well, Tryg­gvi. He de­serves a chance to show­case his tal­ents.

Gold Bri­dle

Where to get it: Pause by Ar­ber­rang’s mer­chant stalls on the sec­ond day.

Give it to: Use­ful for any­one, but it fits a horse­born per­fectly. Ca­nary’s a good call.

Mala Prayer Beads

Where to get it: You will gain these af­ter a chin­wag with Zefr.

Give it to: Any ranged units who could use the ar­mor, re­sis­tance, and ac­cu­racy in­crease.

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