Man About Town

What to do in Ka­muro­cho


1 Bowl­ing

The­ater Square Al­ley is the place to go to knock down pins and ac­quire a chicken.

2 Shogi

On Sen­ryo Av­enue, find a game that’s like chess, only I don’t un­der­stand it.

3 Mahjong

Nakamichi Al­ley hosts a build­ing full of peo­ple who are into mov­ing tiles.

4 Karaoke

A bar on Pink Street North will let you fan­ta­size about be­ing a rock god.

5 OutRun

You’ll want the SEGA ar­cade on Nakamichi Street. The other one has SpaceHar­rier.

6 Disco

Be­come lord of the dance­floor as you bop though this tough minigame.

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