Mag­ni­fy­ing Glass

Clever ways de­vel­op­ers cast play­ers as a de­tec­tive


Iso­lat­ing Ev­i­dence

Up­com­ing grid-based de­tec­tive game P.i. vi­su­al­izes the de­duc­tive process as a blue void. Play­ers can project ev­ery clue or ob­ject in the game into this void and lit­er­ally draw con­clu­sions be­tween them.

Draw­ing Con­clu­sions

Ad­vanc­ing the story of De­tec­tive Gri­moire re­quires play­ers to as­sem­ble con­clu­sions by con­struct­ing sen­tences us­ing in­for­ma­tion they find—ver­dicts Gri­moire voice ac­tor Ed­wyn Tiong will re­peat, no mat­ter how silly they sound.

De­tec­tive Per­spec­tive

Scenes in Jenny LeClue—De­tec­tivu are rooted in the per­spec­tive of your plucky de­tec­tive, al­low­ing play­ers to ex­am­ine sus­pects in the mid­dle of con­ver­sa­tions or spot a rot­ting pipe while travers­ing their way through a sewer.

In-World Hints

Thim­ble weed Park’ s hint sys­tem uses in-game phone booths and di­a­logue choices to al­low you to ask a se­ries of es­ca­lat­ing ques­tions based on your cur­rent progress, pro­vid­ing help­ful nudges rather than in­tru­sive direc­tions.

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