Our scor­ing sys­tem ex­plained


00%-09% Bro­ken or of­fen­sively bad; ab­so­lutely no value. Ex­am­ple Leisure Suit Larry: Mag na Cum L au de

10%-19% We might be able to find one nice thing to say about it, but still not worth any­one’s time or money. Ex­am­ple Get­tys­burg: Ar­mored War­fare

20%-29% Com­pletely falls short of its goals. Very few re­deem­ing qual­i­ties. Ex­am­ples Fam­ily Guy: Back to the Multi verse

30%-39% An en­tirely clumsy or de­riv­a­tive ef­fort. There’s lit­tle rea­son to play this game over a sim­i­lar, bet­ter one. Ex­am­ples Trial soft he Blood Dragon

40%-49% Flawed and dis­ap­point­ing. Ex­am­ples Aliens: Colo­nial Marines

50%-59% Medi­ocre. Other games prob­a­bly do it bet­ter, or its unique qual­i­ties aren’t ex­e­cuted well. Ex­am­ples Pri­mor­dia, Home front: The Revo­lu­tion

60%-69% There’s some­thing to like here, but it can only be rec­om­mended with ma­jor caveats. Ex­am­ples No Man’ s Sky, Ghost Re con: Wild lands

70%-79% A good game that’s worth play­ing. We like it. Ex­am­ples Prey, Ni eR: Auto mat a

80%-89% A great game with ex­cep­tional mo­ments or fea­tures, and touches of bril­liance. We love it. Ex­am­ples Over watch, Night in the Woods

90%-94% A com­pelling rec­om­men­da­tion for most PC gamers. Im­por­tant to PC gam­ing, and likely ahead of its time. Ex­am­ples Bay­o­netta, Dis­hon­ored2

95%-96% Far and away one of the best games we’ve ever played. We rec­om­mend it to the en­tire world. Ex­am­ples Half-Life 2, K er ba lS pace Pro­gram

97%-100% Ad­vances the hu­man species. Boosts the im­mune sys­tems of nearby chil­dren and small an­i­mals.

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