Woe of War­craft


You should re-re­view Bat­tle for Aze­roth. The launch ex­pe­ri­ence was great, but Is­lands, War­fronts and Azerite Ar­mor have failed to en­gage play­ers. There is no way this game holds up for two years, and there is no way your re­view is ac­cu­rate any­more. I’d ask the WoW fan on your team, is this ex­pan­sion worth 86 or is it re­ally 68? Steven Phil: It’s al­ways a bit of a gam­ble slap­ping a big number on an MMO, be­cause an ex­pan­sion’s mer­its or ma­jor fail­ings of­ten don’t re­veal them­selves un­til af­ter re­lease. At the same time, chang­ing a re­view score isn’t ideal: what hap­pens if Bl­iz­zard course cor­rect, as will hope­fully be the case? While our re­view scores are fi­nal, keep an eye on the mag­a­zine and web­site as we con­tinue to cover Bat­tle­forAze­roth.

Did Bat­tle­forAze­roth earn its score? WIN N ER!

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