Fort­nite game­play shown for the first time at Comic Con


Epic of­fered a first glimpse of Fort­nite’s game­play at San Diego Comic Con. The show’s tone was ex­tremely ca­sual. Bleszin­ski was there, as well as a se­lec­tion of high-rank­ing Epic of­fi­cials, and they all seemed in­cred­i­bly stoked to not be de­vel­op­ing an­other grim, gun-metal dude­bro shooter. (Bleszin­ski ac­tu­ally showed off some early Fort­nite con­cept art, which was bar­ren and apoc­a­lyp­tic, as an ex­am­ple of what they were try­ing to avoid once they piv­oted to the sprightly look it has to­day.) Look­ing back, it’s sur­pris­ing to note that through all the un­cer­tainty over the course of Fort­nite’s de­vel­op­ment, the over­ar­ch­ing struc­ture stayed pretty con­sis­tent. In the tech demo we saw, play­ers har­vested raw ma­te­ri­als to throw up for­ti­fied home­steads, blueprinted out on an in­vis­i­ble grid. Did Epic think those cre­ative build­ing tools would be used in a blood­thirsty death­match? Prob­a­bly not, but these ideas still paid off even­tu­ally.

This was also where Bleszin­ski said Fort­nite would be a PC ex­clu­sive, and that Epic were over­joyed to be com­ing home to the plat­form that raised him and the com­pany. Oops!

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