Ma k e it hap­pen

Here’s how to achieve Nvidia’s ray trac­ing on your PC


1 Buy an R TX 2080 orhigher

Nvidia’s cheaper cards won’t en­able ray trac­ing, so the en­try bar­rier’s quite high.

2 Wait for com­pat­i­ble games

Bat­tle­fieldV, MetroEx­o­dus and Shadow oftheTom­bRaider sup­port the tech.

3 Down­load the lat­est Nvidi­adriver

Okay, that’s a bit like telling you to in­hale, but it’s part of the process.

4 En­able R TX in the graph­ic­sop­tions

Sim­ple as that. No hotwiring, no jumper ca­bles. Mod­ern PC gam­ing, eh?

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