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Amazonbasics AC Pow­ered Com­puter Speak­ers (cur­rently $20 on Ama­zon) are a rare ex­am­ple of truth in ad­ver­tis­ing. This is a rudi­men­tary set of elec­tri­cally pow­ered stereo speak­ers that will am­plify your PC’S au­dio, though not nec­es­sar­ily bring the best out of it.

It’s sur­pris­ing how stur­dily con­structed these are for only two saw­bucks. Each 2.6-by-3.4-by-5-inch speaker en­clo­sure is made with durable black plas­tic and weighs about 2 pounds. The re­spec­tive driv­ers are cov­ered with a metal grille on the front panel— not mesh, as you’d ex­pect at this price.

You con­trol power and vol­ume with a knob on one chan­nel. An LED power indi­ca­tor sits above it, and a head­phone jack for pri­vate lis­ten­ing is be­neath.

The speak­ers are hard­wired to­gether by a sin­gle ca­ble. Setup is as sim­ple as plug­ging the power cord into an out­let and the 3.5 in­put into the head­phone jack of your PC or mo­bile de­vice. Both of these wires are at­tached to one of the speak­ers.

The speak­ers have a com­bined out­put of 5 watts (2.5 per speaker). Sit­ting on a desk­top, they’re an­gled slightly up­ward to­ward your head when you’re seated at your com­puter to tar­get your ears. They have plenty of vol­ume—i found just past the

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