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align­ment). VA is some­times al­ter­nately re­ferred to as “wide view­ing an­gle” tech­nol­ogy. (Many as­sume this spec to be IPS, but it’s not). In our ex­pe­ri­ence, we’ve found VA pan­els to run the gamut from be­ing wor­thy com­peti­tors to IPS to be­ing worse than the bet­ter TN pan­els. The Gi­ga­byte Aero 15 that we rec­om­mend above has a good VA panel.

Gen­er­ally, if color ac­cu­racy is im­por­tant, go IPS (a trade­mark of Sharp), and if you want the fastest re­sponse times go for a gamin­gori­ented TN panel. With the vari­abil­ity of VA, we rec­om­mend you check feed­back from re­view­ers and users of a par­tic­u­lar model.

The wild­card in all this are Oled-based pan­els. OLED pan­els have been used in phones for years but have re­cently mi­grated to larger screens in lap­tops. IPS, TN, and VA all use LEDS be­hind the screen or along the edges. “Black” is pro­duced by a shut­ter-like mech­a­nism that blocks light from com­ing through. As you can imag­ine, there’s usu­ally some light leak­age, which means the black tends to be gray. OLED pan­els, how­ever, don’t rely on edge- or back­light­ing and in­stead each pixel gen­er­ates its own light. To pro­duce black, it just switches the light off. This amounts to truly stun­ning con­trast ra­tios and vi­brant col­ors. OLEDS also boast fan­tas­tic re­sponse times too. The neg­a­tives in­clude smaller screen sizes (we haven’t seen any­thing larger than 13 inches yet), higher cost, and lack of sup­port for vari­able re­fresh rate. Okay, we called this sec­tion G-sync and Freesync, but the re­al­ity is, when it comes to beefy gam­ing lap­tops, it’s a Ge­force GPU world. And that means it’s a G-sync world. In a nut­shell, Nvidia and AMD’S re­spec­tive vari­able-re­fresh-rate tech­nolo­gies help syn­chro­nize the mon­i­tor and the GPU to greatly re­duce screen tear­ing. Vari­able re­fresh rates can make gam­ing at 40 fps far smoother to your eyes than a screen with­out it.

The first vari­able-re­fresh-rate pan­els for

Razer was the first man­u­fac­turer that we know of to use an off­set track­pad as an ad hoc gam­ing “mouse.”

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