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No seams on the front of the jacket. The shoul­ders have no or lit­tle pad­ding and have a rounded form. The cut is straight and worn loose, hence the name sack suit. The gorge line – the ver­ti­cal seam that joins the col­lar and lapels – is low. The lapels are rel­a­tively nar­row by to­day’s fash­ion stan­dards. The jacket is eas­ily recog­nis­able thanks to its three but­ton­holes of which only two ac­tu­ally but­ton. The top but­ton­hole is just for show and is pressed against the lapel. If worn as a suit the trousers are loosely cut with a high waist, a light cuff that touches the top of the shoes and a slightly wider footwidth than the cur­rent fash­ion.

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