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Who she rep­re­sents: David Wroblewski (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle), Susie Steiner (Miss­ing, Pre­sumed ), T. Geron­imo John­son (Wel­come to Brag­gsville), Aline Ohane­sian (Orhan’s In­her­i­tance), Su­san Straight (Be­tween Heaven and Here), Michael Le­mon­ick (The Per­pet­ual Now)

What she wants to read: I be­lieve a good book should wake you up by tak­ing you out of your life and im­mers­ing you in some­one else’s. So I want to read books with deeply imag­ined worlds, by writ­ers who are not afraid to take risks with their work.

When you should con­tact her: Fic­tion writ­ers, I want you to con­tact me when you have a full draft of your novel. I sell a lot of non­fic­tion on pro­posal, so I’m happy to look at those pro­jects a bit ear­lier. If I’m con­sid­er­ing non­fic­tion on pro­posal, I’d like to see one or two sam­ple chap­ters. In gen­eral, I think the best mo­ment for writ­ers to con­tact an agent is when they have done ev­ery­thing they pos­si­bly can on their own. Where she can be reached: Dunow, Carl­son & Lerner Lit­er­ary Agency; 27 West 20th Street, Suite 1107; New York, NY 10011; e-mail eleanor@dcla­gency.com

Why you should want her as your agent: I con­sider my clients my friends. They all have my cell-phone num­ber and are free to use it. My list is in­ten­tion­ally small, so I can give every pro­ject the at­ten­tion it de­serves. I also like to think long-term, about how to build a ca­reer as well as sell in­di­vid­ual books. How she wants to be con­tacted: Please send me a one- to two-page query let­ter with a sum­mary of your work and an au­thor bio. If you have a pro­posal, please at­tach it to your query. If you are working on a novel, please at­tach the first ten to twenty pages to give me a sense of your writ­ing.

“I con­sider my clients my friends. They all have my cell-phone num­ber and

are free to use it.”

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