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Just read Kima Jones’s (@ki­ma_jones) es­say “Flood Is Wa­ter: On Leav­ing an MFA Pro­gram” (Septem­ber/Oc­to­ber 2017), and I love her. She’s em­pow­er­ing black writ­ers and writ­ers of color like no­body’s busi­ness!


@ki­ma_jones wrote her heart out in this @po­et­swrit­ersinc piece about what peo­ple of color face in MFA pro­grams.


Slips: On Not Get­ting Into the New Yorker” (Septem­ber/Oc­to­ber 2017) is writ­ten with painful hu­mor. The piece re­minded me of when I told my ther­a­pist I was ready for the dat­ing world after a divorce. She said, “You have to have a thick skin to put your­self out there. You have to be ready for re­jec­tions.” A cou­ple of years later, in­spired by that divorce, I wrote my first novel, From De­cep­tion to Grace. How­ever, while try­ing to find a pub­lisher for the book, I found re­jec­tions in­stead. I later de­cided to self-pub­lish, and the novel ended up win­ning an In­ter­na­tional Latino Book Award in 2012. What my ther­a­pist said about dat­ing ap­plies to writ­ers. In the face of re­jec­tion, you still

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