Ways Our Ama­zoy Zoysia Lawn Saves You Time, Work and Money!

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CUTS WA­TER BILLS AND MOW­ING BY AS MUCH AS 2/3 Would you be­lieve a lawn could look per­fect when wa­tered just once? In Iowa, the state’s big­gest Men’s Gar­den club picked a Zoysia lawn as “top lawn – nearly per­fect.” Yet, this lawn had been wa­tered only once all sum­mer to Au­gust! In PA, Mrs. M.R. Mit­ter wrote, “I’ve never wa­tered it, only when I put the plugs in...Last sum­mer we had it mowed 2 times...When every­body’s lawns here are brown from drought, ours stays as green as ever.” That’s how Ama­zoy Zoysia lawns cut wa­ter bills and mow­ing! Now read on! NO NEED TO DIG UP OLD GRASS Plant Ama­zoy in an old lawn or new ground. Set plugs into holes in the soil checker­board style. Plugs spread to cre­ate a lush, thick lawn, driv­ing out weeds and un­wanted growth. Easy in­struc­tions in­cluded with ev­ery or­der. EN­VI­RON­MEN­TALLY FRIENDLY No weed­ing means no costly chem­i­cals. Since Ama­zoy Zoysia lawns nat­u­rally re­sist in­sects, you’ll save money, while help­ing to pro­tect the en­vi­ron­ment. You’ll never have to ex­pose your fam­ily and pets to the risk of weed killers and pes­ti­cide poi­sons. FOR SLOPES, PLAY AR­EAS, BARE SPOTS AND PAR­TIAL SHADE You can’t beat Ama­zoy Zoysia as the low-cost an­swer for hard-to-cover spots, play-worn ar­eas, places that have par­tial shade and ero­sion on slopes. IT STAYS GREEN IN SPITE OF HEAT AND DROUGHT “The hot­ter it gets, the bet­ter it grows!” Plug-in Zoysia thrives in blis­ter­ing heat, yet it won’t win­ter-kill to 30° be­low zero. It just goes off its green color after killing frosts, and be­gins re­gain­ing its green color as tem­per­a­tures in the spring are con­sis­tently warm. CHOKES OUT CRABGRASS AND WEEDS ALL SUM­MER Your es­tab­lished Ama­zoy Zoysia lawn grows so thick, it sim­ply stops crabgrass and most sum­mer weeds from ger­mi­nat­ing! NOW 3 WAYS TO START YOUR AMA­ZOY ZOYSIA LAWN! 1) Freestyle plugs come in un­cut sheets con­tain­ing a max­i­mum of 150 - 1” plugs that can be planted up to 1 ft. apart. Freestyle plugs al­low you to make each plug big­ger and plant fur­ther apart – less cut­ting and plant­ing – you de­cide. 2) New Su­per Plugs come pre­cut into in­di­vid­ual 3”x3” plugs ready-to-plant (min­i­mum 1 per 4 sq. ft.). They ar­rive in easy to han­dle trays of 15 Su­per Plugs. Save more time and get your new lawn even faster! 3) Ama­zoy Ap­proved Seed-As The Zoysia 6SHFLDOLVWV IRU \HDUV ZH ÀQDOO\ KDYH D Zoysia seed avail­able that meets our stan­dards and home­own­ers ex­pec­ta­tions. Learn why at zoysi­a­farms.com/mag or by phone at 410-756-2311. OR­DER TODAY - GET UP TO

Wa­ter­ing chores,wa­ter bills! Sweat­ing be­hind a roar­ing mower! Spray­ing poi­son chem­i­cals and dig­ging weeds...

...you can end such lawn drudgery – here’s how!

Thrives from par­tial shade to full sun.

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