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A COOL BREEZE CAN IN­STANTLY take the edge off a sweaty day. In­doors, a fan is a per­fect sub­sti­tute—throw a bowl of ice in front of it, and you’ve got your­self a lo-fi air con­di­tioner. Still, noth­ing harshes that cool feel­ing quicker than the prop­plane racket most air-movers make. The Rowenta Turbo Si­lence Ex­treme lets you use your inside voice. On its low­est set­ting, it reg­is­ters just 35 deci­bels (shhhh, that’s li­brary level); on the high­est, it’s about 50. That’s roughly one-quar­ter the din of the av­er­age fan. Five 4.5-inch plas­tic blades (many fans have three) cre­ate more sur­face area, so the mo­tor doesn’t need to crank as hard or spin as fast to push the same amount of air­flow. Plus, be­cause the blades are ta­pered at their edges, they’re able to slice through the air with less choppy tur­bu­lence. Ah­hhh, that’s the stuff. $100

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