“The one that pro­duces the most Hy­dro­gen En­ergy…the Fuel of Life!” The above state­ments in­spired a patented method that gains HY­DRO­GEN EN­ERGY each time wa­ter re­cy­cles… hun­dreds of times per gal­lon—NOT ONCE OLNH RUGLQDU\ SXULÀHUV and dis­tillers! The re­sult


Just as food sup­plies en­ergy, this is the only wa­ter that sup­plies the ex­tra en­ergy you may need to live longer! YOUR SKIN POS­I­TIVELY OR NEG­A­TIVELY CHARGED? As pos­i­tively charged Hy­dro­gen Fuel is con­sumed, noted by Al­bert Szentgyorgy, even your skin be­comes more neg­a­tively charged by oxy­gen elec­trons. A plain watch I wear (bat­tery usu­ally lasts 2-3 years) hasn’t had a bat­tery change in 17 years! I at­tribute this to drink­ing my wa­ter! IN­CREASE STRENGTH & EN­ERGY We have 13 In­ter­na­tional Patents, 332 FDA Tests. You’ve seen the ads: “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” Why can’t they get up? Be­cause they lack the needed arm strength. On the con­trary, I am now in my 88th year and I warm up curl­ing 50-lb. dumb bells in each hand, though strength usu­ally starts to wane at 81. I could still re­verse curl over 200 pounds at 68. Wit­nesses said it’s a World Record. HY­DRO­GEN BOND AN­GLE CAN BE CHANGED With an En­gi­neer­ing De­gree that in­cludes Steam Plant De­sign, in col­lege I was taught that dis­tilled wa­ter with a Hy­dro­gen Bond An­gle (HBA) of only 101º was worse than tap wa­ter with an HBA of 104.5º. My wa­ter prop­erty change to HBA 114º was FRQÀUPHG WR The Wash­ing­ton Times by the Los Alamos Nu­clear Lab: “He did change the Hy­dro­gen Bond An­gle in wa­ter and we wish we owned his patents!” (Video at JohnEl­lis.com cre­ated af­ter a 1/27/92 Wash­ing­ton Post in­ves­tiga­tive ar­ti­cle: “10,000 peo­ple a day said it cures any­thing, even cancer and diabetes.”) SOME­THING YOU CAN MEA­SURE That ar­ti­cle also in­cluded an In­ter­na­tional Patent De­scrip­tion: “The cu­ra­tive power re­sults from move­ments of wa­ter be­tween two metal tanks,” pro­duc­ing re­sults FRQÀUPHG in an­other in­ves­ti­ga­tion by Guy Abra­ham, M.D., who taught at the UCLA Med­i­cal School do­ing In­de­pen­dent Blood Flow Stud­ies on how to pre­vent heart at­tack and/or stroke and ÁXVK RXW the blood stream at the same time. He said, “You can’t ar­gue with some­thing you can mea­sure…the abil­ity of blood (94% wa­ter) to go through a mem­brane into the cells to the ex­trem­i­ties. Noth­ing is even close to your wa­ter. Your HBA is 114º!” (See two videos at JohnEl­lis.com prov­ing you are drink­ing the wrong wa­ter. The re­sults have been du­pli­cated thou­sands of times, prov­ing this wa­ter pro­vides “Body Elec­tric” en­ergy that pow­ers your heart— GHÀEULOODWRUV DQG SDFHPDNHUV³EHFDXVH LW takes less en­ergy for the body to split wa­ter into Hy­dro­gen and Oxy­gen.) To stem the naysay­ers I of­fer this: My col­lege en­gi­neer­ing pro­fes­sor, Dr. John Weisham­pel, gave me the only grade of 100% in 30 years of teach­ing!

CON­TRO­VERSY IS HEALTHY Like Thomas Paine, the au­thor of Com­mon Sense, any­one not gen­er­at­ing con­tro­versy isn’t do­ing much of any­thing…as true as God’s ac­cu­racy re­vealed in the Power of a Per­fect cir­cle (360º di­vided by Pi = 114º al­most ex­actly!). Can atheists ex­plain this? Think about this: Eggs of any species al­ways hatch at the same ex­act time di­vided by seven; Wa­ter­mel­ons al­ways have an even num­ber of stripes; Or­anges have an even num­ber of seg­ments; Corn has an even num­ber of rows; Waves of the sea roll 26 per minute in all kinds of weather; All grains have even num­bers on the stalks. 7KH /RUG VSHFLÀHG DQG fold—all even num­bers! SOME­TIMES CON­TRO­VERSY CAN BE DAN­GER­OUS We lived at the top of Paine Av­enue in New Rochelle, N.Y. for 70 years and a mus­ket ball hole in the wall of the Thomas Paine Cot­tage re­minded visitors he was em­broiled in ma­jor con­tro­versy. For­tu­nately they missed. My grand­mother’s sis­ter (Google: Nurs­ing Sis­ters Port Dover), in spite of be­ing re­peat­edly men­tioned in wartime dis­patches for hero­ism and “valor in the face of the en­emy,” was pre­sented only D FHUWLÀFDWH E\ .LQJ *HRUJH 9 EHFDXVH D woman could not re­ceive the Vic­to­ria Cross! As a re­sult, my grand­mother moved to Rochester, N.Y. and be­friended Su­san B. An­thony and Red Cross founder Clara Bar­ton. There are hun­dreds of let­ters and pic­tures, in­clud­ing one of the am­bu­lances my grand­mother do­nated, en­cour­aged by her friend Car­rie Chap­man Catt, who lived around the cor­ner in New Rochelle. As a young­ster, I re­mem­ber all the sewing ma­chines and their many friends at my grand­mother’s house sewing clothes to be sent to keep chil­dren warm dur­ing the bru­tal English win­ters. Car­rie is most fa­mous for her speech be­fore Congress that re­sulted in the 19th Amend­ment that gave women the right to vote in 1920! In most cases, there shouldn’t be any con­tro­versy. Like the govern­ment sci­en­tists at Brookhaven Labs, who bought hun­dreds of our ma­chines af­ter a nu­clear mishap in the 1980s: “You have the only prod­uct that re­cy­cles wa­ter to get rid of ra­di­a­tion!” THE POWER OF POS­I­TIVE THINK­ING As I lis­tened to Dr. Nor­man Vin­cent Peale eu­lo­gize my fa­ther upon his death, I thought hard about mak­ing peo­ple’s lives bet­ter. In my case, I wanted to in­crease the hu­man life­span. My God­fa­ther, Dr. James E. West, Chief Boy Scout Ex­ec­u­tive from 1907-37, helped thou­sands of young­sters take a pos­i­tive di­rec­tion in life. So, too, did Nor­man Rock­well, who we all knew and loved. He was hired by Dr. West for Boy’s Life Mag­a­zine. These men had a ded­i­ca­tion to their fel­low men and had an im­pact rarely seen to­day. Dr. Peale came to our fam­ily gath­er­ings with his “Power of Pos­i­tive Think­ing.” That had a huge im­pact on mil­lions of lives, in­clud­ing Joel Os­teen and Pres­i­dent Trump. And, like the Catholic Pri­est who saw the Cross at ground Zero 9/11, for­get con­tro­versy and dwell on a pos­i­tive out­come like the Olympic ath­letes I have known that imag­ined them­selves win­ning us­ing Dr. Peale’s pow­er­ful mes­sage! I AM NOT NEW TO CON­TRO­VERSY I am not new to con­tro­versy: In 1957, I had the best dis­cus throw in the World (T&F News, Vol. 10, No. 12) but gave it up be­cause I knew An­abolic Steroids would cause users heart dam­age. All the top ath­letes were told they were safe by doc­tors. How­ever, their in­ven­tor, John Ziegler M.D., said be­fore he died: “I wish I had lis­tened to [John El­lis]. I dam­aged my own heart!” There is a long list of Olympic friends who are dead be­cause steroids were “FDA Ap­proved.” I was right then about an­abolic steroids and I am right now about viruses and dis­ease! Like steroids…they thought more is bet­ter in­clud­ing “en­ergy is shots.” needed More for isn’t “Soar­ing bet­ter! En­ergy” Only 20 with drops my wa­ter! (See photo be­low.) A AMAZ­ING com­pany POWER that pro­duces PROP­ER­TIES hy­dro­gen gen­er­a­tors re­quired slowly for went trucks down found over 24 the hours power from 31 ONLY amps 20 to less DROPS than 1 amp. of our By wa­ter adding to their or­di­nary same amount wa­ter, of they hy­dro­gen were mak­ing in their the hy­dro­gen gen­er­a­tor! (www.johnel­lis.com) Us­ing this tech­nol­ogy, you can power your car, heat your home and pro­duce elec­tric­ity for pen­nies. Watch the video that shows ex­am­ples prov­ing that you are drink­ing the wrong wa­ter. Just as food sup­plies en­ergy, this wa­ter pro­vides the “Body Elec­tric” en­ergy that pow­ers your heart! OUR HU­MAN­I­TAR­IAN EF­FORTS I am the in­ven­tor of the E5 Wa­ter Ma­chine. I have de­cided, along with my loved ones (it’s a fam­ily ef­fort), to do­nate our 418-acre es­tate on top of Crys­tal Moun­tain in Penn­syl­va­nia to any large foun­da­tion or univer­sity for hu­man­i­tar­ian pur­poses. My dream is to cre­ate a Memo­rial Med­i­cal Cen­ter to fur­ther my wa­ter dis­cov­er­ies. You’ll re­al­ize af­ter see­ing all that we have done (www.johnel­lis. FRP LW·V ÀWWLQJ WKLV SURSHUW\ EH XVHG WR fur­ther these wa­ter dis­cov­er­ies! De­tails of our 501c (3) Liv­ing Wa­ter En­vi­ron­men­tal Foun­da­tion can be sent to you. A por­tion of ev­ery sale of our Wa­ter Ma­chines cur­rently goes to main­tain­ing the prop­erty, which is even now be­ing used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth groups free of charge. TAKE A TAX DE­DUC­TION! :LWK RXU F QRQ SURÀW foun­da­tion, you can buy a Wa­ter Ma­chine and take a tax de­duc­tion! There are thou­sands of fam­i­lies in the U.S. who need our wa­ter ma­chines—kids in Flint, fam­i­lies in poverty, etc. When you buy a ma­chine, a por­tion of the pro­ceeds go to this hu­man­i­tar­ian aid project. Con­tact us at P.O. Box 553, West­brookville, NY 12785 RU FDOO


Get your bot­tle of SOAR­ING EN­ERGY SHOT®: Only 20 DROPS pro­duces 30 TIMES MORE EN­ERGY... us­ing our FREE wa­ter: Call 570-296-0214.

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