A bot­net vac­cine

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Your smart home is a dan­ger to ev­ery­one. Ev­ery light­bulb, se­cu­rity cam­era, and baby mon­i­tor con­nected to the in­ter­net can eas­ily be­come one drone in a mas­sive hack­ing army. Bot­net ex­ploits, like 2016’s Mi­rai or this spring’s Brick­erBot, force thou­sands of de­vices to ping the same web­site and bom­bard it to death; Mi­rai, for in­stance, downed Twit­ter and Spo­tify. The $249 RAT­trap is a home fire­wall that stops the bad guys from re­cruit­ing your stuff. Con­nected via Eth­er­net to your router and mo­dem, it keeps net­work de­vices from in­ter­act­ing with ma­li­cious en­ti­ties by halt­ing the flow of data be­tween you and sus­pi­cious web­sites. IOT De­fense’s glob­ally de­ployed sen­sors con­stantly scan the in­ter­net at large to track down new threats and learn pat­terns of ne­far­i­ous be­hav­ior. Hourly up­dates—for now, each unit comes with a life­time sub­scrip­tion— mean your own RAT­trap gets savvier all the time. Pro­tect­ing your net­work isn’t just about guard­ing your own in­for­ma­tion any­more; gad­gets are primed for in­fec­tion, and herd im­mu­nity is the only way to stop the spread.

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