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Sierra: Why the am­bu­lance?

Kim: We re­al­ized pretty quickly if we bought a van, we wouldn’t have any money left to travel. Am­bu­lances, how­ever, are meant to get places. They’re built like a brick shit­house and ev­ery­thing you’re go­ing to need to build it out—cab­i­netry, elec­tri­cal, in­su­la­tion—is al­ready inside.

Say it’s a pow­der day. Ever flip on that siren?

Kim: When they de­com­mis­sion an am­bu­lance, they pull out the siren and the flashy lights. But we have had peo­ple pull over when we’re driv­ing by, which is just fine by me.

That’s a good perk. What else got you hooked on the mo­bile life?

Dave: We didn’t bank on how much fun we’d have at smaller re­sorts, all th­ese lit­tle off-the-beaten-path places that aren’t part of all the con­sol­i­da­tion that’s hap­pen­ing. The vibe is still there. Here in Park City, I know the soul of ski­ing is be­ing sucked out of this area. It was great to see how cool this sport still is when you get away from all the hype.

Kim: Those are the places we get adopted in to the fam­ily, and peo­ple will say, ‘Hey, come have some beer with us.’

Any tips on find­ing th­ese hid­den gems?

Dave: At first, we re­lied on Mapquest and our phones for di­rec­tions. But we found that if it’s on your phone, peo­ple have dis­cov­ered it and put it out there, and that’s not what we’re look­ing for. If we’re go­ing to spend time in a place, we’ll buy the map. That’s the best way to go ex­plore.

Pa­per maps? Next you’ll be telling me you listen to cas­sette tapes.

Dave: One of the first things we put in was a CV ra­dio so we could listen to truck­ers on the high­way. When we get tired of mu­sic, we can kind of eaves­drop. It’s mostly truck talk, but we’ve also ra­dioed the truck driv­ers to ask if we can pass.

What’s the driv­ing-to-ski­ing ra­tio look like?

Dave: We’ve got­ten good at driv­ing at night, since we’re ski­ing all day. So far we’ve put over 40,000 miles on the am­bu­lance, and Kim got more than 120 days on skis last win­ter. Me, a lit­tle less.

Sounds like a lot of driv­ing. Why not just va­ca­tion in Hawaii?

Kim: Have you ever skied? Ski­ing and sex are about the best things in the world. I don’t un­der­stand the ques­tion.

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