BMX 105 HP

Powder - - SKIS - —John Clary Davies

$1,149 D: 134-105-123mm R: 21m

You’d think that the Kastle BMX 105 HP—A ski with two sheets of Ti­tanal, flat tails, and sub­tle el­lip­ti­cal ra­dius— would be in­ef­fec­tive at Red, a gladed play­ground. You’d be wrong. They are in­cred­i­bly smooth, pre­dictable, pre­cise, en­er­getic, stiff, and strong, but don’t re­quire Lindsey Vonn glu­teus max­imi to get them around bumps and trees. Be­hind that metal is a sil­ver fir and beech wood core. The skis have a low cam­ber pro­file, hook-free tips and tails, and the pre­mium qual­ity skiers have come to ex­pect (and pay for) from Kastle. Ev­ery­one on the Union who skied them gave them a 9 or 10, in­clud­ing Dane Wi­ester, who’s gen­er­ally averse to skis with metal. “The BMX 105 is so play­ful and smooth turn­ing,” he said. “Two sheets of metal give you the right amount of sta­bil­ity in turns and land­ings.”

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