Pin­na­cle 118

Powder - - SKIS - —Dane Weis­ter

$900 D: 145-118-135mm R: 23m

The Pin­na­cle 118 is ideal for some­one who likes big lines and hang­ing onto their butt straightlin­ing through the mogul field at the bot­tom. To keep the ski stout, the core com­bines fir and aspen Konic. Fir is tra­di­tion­ally a stiff, damp wood that pro­vides sta­bil­ity, while aspen is a lighter wood to shave weight. The “Konic” por­tion is K2’s method of dis­tribut­ing more ma­te­rial over the edges to give the ski power and sta­bil­ity. It works be­cause this ski stays quiet through the bumps and pushes through snow with ease. Car­bon-braided stringers through­out the core add pop.

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