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Ivividly re­mem­ber watch­ing the rooster tails streak across the hori­zon dur­ing the an­nual Bush­mills Grand Prix and Catalina off­shore races of the late 1960s and early ’70s. At over 60 miles per hour, those early off­shore race boats could make it around the is­land in less than hour. Wow, those boats were fast!

I was hooked on off­shore rac­ing and be­gan read­ing ev­ery boat­ing mag­a­zine I could get my hands on. I could name all the race boats such as Mona Lou, Black Tor­nado, Broad Jumper, Boss O’ Nova, and The Cig­a­rette and fol­lowed the ex­ploits of the top rac­ers like Sam Grif­fith, Dick Ber­tram, Don Aronow, and Bill Wish­nick. The best race boats of that time, in­clud­ing the Mag­nums, Donzis, Cig­a­rettes, and Ber­trams, were all from Florida, so I fol­lowed the lure of off­shore rac­ing, and even­tu­ally moved east­ward to Florida.

Along the way to be­com­ing a race-boat de­signer, I got to know many of my rac­ing heros, in­clud­ing Jim Wynne, Don Shead, Sonny Levi, Al­lan Brown, Bob Ma­goon, Odell Lewis, and Sammy James. In 1978, I met Don Aronow, which marked the start of a nine-year work­ing re­la­tion­ship and friend­ship that lasted up to the day of his mur­der.

With this love for the early days of off­shore, I pur­chased a 1969 31-foot Ber­tram Nau­tic race boat from my old friend Cadil­lac McDaniel back in 2010, with the in­ten­tion of restor­ing the boat to its orig­i­nal rac­ing con­di­tion. Af­ter ex­haus­tive In­ter­net re­search, I never fig­ured out which one of the orig­i­nal seven­teen Ber­tram race boats it was. As I chron­i­cled in my Sight­lines col­umn of May 2013, I even­tu­ally gave up the restora­tion.

In early 2014 my friend Nick was look­ing for a dis­trac­tion, so he bought the Ber­tram from me and trucked it back to Miami. Nick hired Mike Thomas of TNT Cus­tom Marine to oversee the restora­tion project and hired a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor to track down the boat’s ori­gin. Af­ter much re­search, in­clud­ing help from Sammy James, the for­mer head of Ber­tam Rac­ing, and Marco Ber­tini, from Italy, it was agreed that the boat was Vincenzo Balesteri’s race boat White Tor­nado.

Sammy James takes the wheel (right) of

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TNT subbed the boat out to Eddy Guardado and his crew for the fiber­glass and paint work and Chris Dilling repli­cated the orig­i­nal graph­ics, right down to the small­est de­tail. The boat was sent back to TNT, where chief rig­ger Gary Brinker in­stalled a stag­gered pair of Mer­cury 520-horse­power en­gines and Bravo XR drives. Nick re­searched ev­ery de­tail in­clud­ing fuel fills, ex­haust pipes, up­hol­stery and even Balesteri’s dash­board ash­tray.

On Oc­to­ber 28th of this year, Nick launched the fully re­stored White Tor­nado at TNT Marine in Miami, in front of all those that had worked on her,

huge sur­prise, Sammy James and his wife Patty pre­sented Nick with his 1960s-era rac­ing jer­sey. Sammy’s in­ter­est in the project had grown over time with Nick’s in­fec­tious pur­suit of per­fec­tion. As the en­gines started, the rum­ble of the straight ex­haust brought on a deep, vis­ceral re­ac­tion that is unique to mo­tor sports.

Johnny Tom­lin­son, co-owner of TNT and cur­rent Class I World Cham­pion, was the des­ig­nated driver and I was hon­ored to join Cadil­lac and Sammy James to take the first ride up the In­tra­coastal. JT took White Tor­nado up to the full speed of 77 mph, and Sammy con­firmed that was as fast as her rac­ing days. Then Caddy and I asked Sammy if he wanted to drive. A bit reluc­tantly, Sammy, at the age of 77, slid over to the driver’s bol­ster and took the wheel. I could see a trans­for­ma­tion in his face, his eyes, as he gripped the throt­tle. The years peeled away as the speed in­creased, and Sammy got her up to top speed. Those of us in the boat, at that mo­ment, were more thrilled about watch­ing Sammy run White Tor­nado through her paces, than the boat it­self.

From that mo­ment on, we couldn’t pry Sammy’s fin­gers off the steer­ing wheel. Watch­ing White Tor­nado on the same wa­ters where she was born made me feel like I was go­ing back in time, to when I first fell in love with off­shore rac­ing. With Sammy James at the wheel of that old Ber­tram race boat, it was like see­ing Phil Hill run­ning a vin­tage Fer­rarri GTO at Se­bring again. Who says you can’t go back in time?

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